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Thursday, February 09, 2017

A UFO tale of beings attacking a woman or a tale of romance subverted by marital exigencies?

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My Spanish pal and colleague Jose Antonio Cravaca has resurrected, at his blog and on Facebook, the 1954 Rosa Lotti (Dainelli) event pictured here:
The story was sensational here in the United States and LIFE did a story on it:
While Jose sees the story as a bona fide example of his Distortion Theory (which has been outlined here many time and elaborated upon at Jose's blog), I've suggested, earlier here, that the incident was a fabrication by Mrs. Lotti-Dainelli to cover for a dalliance she had -- an affair of the heart.


Jose disagrees, of course, and provides this supplemental material:

The neighbors who approached the place of the UFO encounter, within 30 minutes of the event, saw a deep hole in the ground of about 15 centimeters and a diameter of 10 centimeters. It has also been seen by the Chief Inspector of Carabineros in Ambra, Zulimo Botarelli, who was hunting in the surroundings when the incident happened.

There were testimonies of the mason Rominaldo Beni, the florist Andrea Livi, the tailor Ouorino Santarelli, the mechanic Pianigini Gino, Luigi Bianchi, the factory worker Marcello Pistocchi and the parish priest Nevio Rossi, who declared, separately, the sighting, the following night Lotti encounter, an unknown bright object flew around Cennina.

But I see a rough hewn husband, who suspects the story. Look at his face:
And note the raft of children that Ms. Lotti-Dainelli had to deal with daily. (There are four children actually, one not shown in the LIFE photo.) A hard-scrabble life surely.

This is a woman, forced to concoct a story after coming home, disheveled, and holding remnants of some flowers she got from her paramour, and wishes to hold onto.

But then, one can accept the idea that she was, indeed, assaulted by little creatures from somewhere other than Earth (or time).

After all, little beings were being sighted all over Europe, as I showed in a posting here a few days ago, another LIFE account.

Here's the Wikipedia take on the episode. (Use the translation option):




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